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Men’s Trends for 2015

Men’s Trends for 2015

The changes in menswear are not always as noticeable as the ones in women’s fashion. This can then make it difficult for men who want to have the latest trends as not everything that appears on the runway will make its way to retail.

The spring 2015 menswear collections have been shown and here are some of the hottest trends that will be making their way from the runways to the stores according to…

london fashion week

Trends from London Fashion Week

Trends from London Fashion Week

london fashion week trends


There was a trend circle in London Fashion Week betwene that of the front row and the catwalk. At the front row Nike Airs, Stan Smiths and Gazelles were popular and on the catwalk Burberry and Temperley showcased trainers.


A school trend was shown at London Fashion Week with Christopher Kane borrowing from his secondary school uniform with pleats and burgundy.…

matching colours to your skin tone

Matching Colours to Your Skin Tone

Matching Colours with Your Skin Tone

You need to know how you are able to match colours with your skin tone, especially before you go out and buy a whole new wardrobe (checkout iSync Apparel Software before deciding on a new wardrobe) or an outfit for a special occasion. If you choose the wrong colour, your skin might appear dull, whereas matching colours with your skin tone can make your skin appear vibrant.…

hair accessories

Hair Accessories 2014

Hair Accessories 2014

hair accessories

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You do not always have to spend a lot of time to look beautiful as sometimes all you need is a modern flourish or a delicate decoration. This season it is all about the effortlessness, which can be accomplished with the use of hair accessories.…


Finding Jeans that Fit You

Finding Jeans That Fit You

It can be quite a challenge to find those perfect jeans that make you look and feel good. Jeans are a staple piece that every woman should own and no matter what size and shape you are, there is that perfect jean out there. Find a great pair of jeans takes time and shopping in the right places try finding places online, using Fashion Software, magazines and in-store.…


The 80s are Back

The 80s are Back


There are some haircuts that are able to completely transform your wardrobe and also how you feel. A haircut that is on trend is able to transform you as well as your clothes to somehow feel not quite right all of a sudden.

If you go for a knife edge bob cut then this may inspire a neat and also fresh chance to take on those artsy graphic prints that you may not have the confidence for before, whereas long loose waves have a more Romanized look to more of the autumns handsome suiting and then again scalp braids may want you to take on the full sportswear look.…

Spring 2014 Blue Denim Trend Look #4

Spring 2014 Trends: The Blue Denim Takeover

The Minimalistic 90’s Style in True Denim Blue
Blue denim has been a consistent winning fashion item that has rocked every fashionista’s style since it took off from the attire of regular factory workers to runways and billboard ads of some of the top designers.  Here we share our 5 top takes of blue denim look straight from the streets and of course hot off the Spring 2014 Paris Fashion Week runways.